Lily's Detroit

Find out where it will be shown by clicking HERE!

NEW ORLEANS is blowing up Lily this week.

if you are there, and up at 4:30 in the morning please watch!

The Detroit Historical Society is screening Lily's Detroit twice in may

Click here to find out more!


Yes, DEA is now showing on spike tv, and on their website, i shot a bunch of it, and conversely, did not get shot!




Hosted the WORLD PREMIERE of "Renaissance Men" this summer,

We earned a Honorable mention for the Audience Choice Award.


Has wrapped outa the D, farewell to a good idea.

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Click to watch "ISLAND" From their previous release "CARNIVAL"

quicktime 7 users click here to watch


"My Little Birdie" won for Best Music Video at the Flint Film Fest!

Please go see The Nice Device's "my little birdie"


(theres more exclaimation marks to come)


I'm back, following and filming the legendary NEW MODEL ARMY
on their first national tour of North America in 12 years!
go take a peek at rough cut of the band ripping through "I love the World"