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About the clips...

I was responsible for shooting all of this footage excluding the clips indicated with RED and the commercial bumps.

All of the clips seen here, like Lily Tomlin, the music videos, and short films
can be seen elsewhere on this web site in their entirety

This show is airing its second season on Spike TV.
The crew and myself were "embedded" with Detroit's Group 14 and Newarks group 56.
In addition to hand held cameras, I had mounted several High-Def rigs on raid vehicles to maximize coverage.

Detroit SWAT
None of this is a reenactment. This show was produced for A&E and aired in 2006-2007.
There really was a heavily armed and suicidal gunman barricaded inside of the target house.
All vehicle mounted cameras were also my responsibilty.

Bulls of Suburbia
This award-winning documentary was shot in the USA, Mexico and Spain. I used 35mm, 16mm and DVcam.
The dressing of the Matador is a very serious and nearly sacred ceremony that has very rarely been filmed.

Tales of the Storm
While volunteering in the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast, I found that using my camcorder and the internet
helped bring this forgotten story back to people who thought that things were back to normal in Mississippi.
Segments of this documentary were aired nationally on Current TV.

Renaissance Men
This is a 3Alarm Carnival original that was filmed in over eight states over eight years.
It has recently earned an Honorable Mention for audience choice award
at the 2007 Planet Ant Film Festival.

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